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Genealogy Enquiries

Sometimes we get enquiries from people wanting to know more about their family history.  We are happy to try to help with such queries, however the only records we hold are our Baptismal Register (1941 to present) and our Marriage Register (1964 to present).  The Baptism records thus cover Baptisms (or "Christenings") that took place from when the Hall Church opened in 1941 and the Marriage Register records weddings that took place in the "new" Blawarthill Church from October 1964.  These are held in the Minister's office for data security reasons.  There is no charge for providing genealogical  information, however please be aware that our Minister's pastoral duties do not allow him to make priority of such requests.  If hard copies or extracts of records are required, we ask for a donation to the church to cover the admin costs.

Please use the Private Messaging form on the "Contact Us" page to make your request.

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